Mathematics & Science's Highlights


Dr. Ben Jellen is working with four undergraduate researchers (Sammi Schmidt, Lexi Nash, Nate Micklautz, and Aly Janosko) examining the ecology of Northern Copperheads (Agkistrodon contortrix) using radio telemetry. Individual student research projects include movement of neonates, the incidence of multiple paternity, male hormone fluctuations throughout the mating period, and female hormone fluctuations throughout the mating period.

Northern Copperheads


2013 Spring: Daniel LaMaster earned a full scholarship to the Chemistry Ph.D. program of LSU. He came to visit McK last Christmas break – he is collaborating with two research groups at the moment in LSU as a result of his unique experience in computational methods gained during his senior research project in Computational Chemistry.

2013 Spring: Tara Stacey was awarded ‘Outstanding Chemistry Junior’ by the St. Louis Section of the American Chemical Society at the yearly Chemical Progress Week Awards Banquet and Program in St. Louis.

2014 Spring: Chemistry Senior Tara Stacey has completed the experimental portion of her senior thesis project. Her project proposed a new technique to measure the degree of unsaturation in fatty acids and her results confirmed the validity of the new technique. She is going to present her results next week at the Math and Science Honorary Society Sigma Zeta convention.

Note for nut lovers at McK: if anyone is interested in finding out about the good and not so good fat ratios of different kinds nuts, Tara Stacey will present her results on the Academic Excellence Day in April.


2014 Spring: A new course required for a minor in Biochemistry, titled “Introduction to Molecular Modeling and Bioinformatics” is being taught by Dr. Feza Ozturk the first time this semester. In this course, through the hands on web-based resources, students are learning to use the Biochemical Databases, Search Tools, Analysis Tools, and Modeling Tools knowledge of which are required in computational research in biochemistry.

2013 Summer: Congratulations to Laxman Pandey (McK’ 2007) who completed his Ph.D. in Computational Materials Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology. His dissertation was titled ‘Theoretical studies of the structure-property relationships of hole- and electron-transport materials for organic photovoltaic applications’. Currently, he is teaching as the Visiting Instructor of Chemistry, at the Department of Chemistry, Georgia Southern University.

  • May 2014 Chemistry Graduate Tara Stacey hired by Sigma Aldrich Co. in St. Louis as a production chemist.
  • Neil Berkel interned at Sigma Aldrich Co. in St. Louis for ten weeks. His research project was titled "Assay to Detect FLAG Labeled Proteins in a Crude E. coli Lysate”.


  • Nathan Meyer interned at Sigma Aldrich Co. in St. Louis for ten weeks. His research project was titled “The Optimization of Seppro Affinity Purification through New Affinity Antigen Resins and Corresponding Chemistries”.
  • Mary Geiger spent the summer shadowing a couple of general dentists in Granite City where she had the opportunity to observe and assist with a number of procedures.