Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark


Today, more than ever, Spanish is on demand on the job market as the hispanic population increases consistently.

We believe that along linguistic abilities, successful communication is achieved through the understanding of the foreign culture. The Spanish curriculum does not focus heavily on literature like most traditional Spanish programs at other institutions.  We aim at providing you with the practical skills to communicate in the foreign language while teaching significant components of culture to help you gain a better understanding of your interlocutors' background.

Want to be successful in the educational and professional career?  Study Spanish at McKendree!

McKendree offers Chinese and French regularly! So keep an eye open for those courses! 

Major Tracks

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Spanish courses are geared towards the practical usage of the language and a better understanding of the Spanish-speaking culture. This curriculum will provide you with the linguistic skills and cultural sensibility to communicate effectively with the Spanish-speaking population. You're urged to start Spanish in the your first semester to complete your degree on time. You must complete at least 30 Spanish credit hours.

A minor in Spanish is also offered as well as a language teaching endorsement to teach middle school.


Program Highlights

•  A Spanish curriculum that keeps in mind students' practical and professional needs in the language.

•  Study Abroad programs in many Spanish-speaking countries (Spain, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, ...etc).

•  Spanish Club (and a Facebook Page! Look for us and like us on the McKendree Spanish Club page)

•  The best national Spanish Placement Test to insure that students are placed in the right Spanish course and is en route to succeed in her/his studies.

•  Highly Interactive courses through technology: students are exposed to and interact with Spanish speakers from different countries.



Foreign languages majors are quick to find employment in the following career paths:

•   Translation and interpretation

•   Government

•   United Nations

•   Volunteer organizations

•   Education

•   International business

Meet the Faculty

Aurelie CapronAurélie C. Capron, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Spanish
Carnegie Hall 305