"Win with Wheeler" by Lee Kalcheim


Win with Wheeler posterThis satirical farce about campaign dirty tricks and numbskullduggery is set in the hotel room headquarters of a candidate for the Senate. The plot revolves around the determined and frantic efforts of Sam Duffy, the campaign manager, to get his man elected. Sam's a smooth talker with expandable ethics. The whole affair hinges on the endorsement of an outrageously racist, right wing, corrupt congressman. How he's wooed and outmaneuvered is the center of the plot. Adding to the chaos is the fact that the candidate's unhappy, tipsy wife wants him to lose and does everything to make it happen.


"Here we are back in the 30s watching a breakneck George Abbott farce with its compulsive schemers, stuffed shirts, a wide eyed blonde and assorted other zanies. An endearing glimpse of a giddy theatrical past." - The New York Daily News

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