Annual Spring Color Guard Clinic

This event will be held on Saturday, June 11th, 2016. Photo of 2016Cast_Member


Join us this summer for the first of our annual summer spin clinics!! It is sure to be an exciting day for everyone! We will be offering classes in movement, rifle, sabre and of course flag!!

The cost of the clinic is only $25! Registration begins at 8a.m. and classes begin at 9a.m!

More info will be posted as we get closer to the date! Check out our Facebook page, Avidity Independent of McKendree University!

We hope to see you there!

Anyone planning to audition for the 2017 cast of Avidity Independent is highly encouraged to attend! Auditions for the next cast will be held sometime in September. Look for more information soon!


Spin Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

What are the start and end times of the clinic?

Typically, doors open at 8:30 and classes begin at 9. The day ends at 5.

I am going to be teaching and would like to learn more to teach my students.

We will gladly help answer any questions you may have with instruction. Whether it's ideas, or our philosophies. Feel free to take anything that you learn from our clinics and utilize them in your program. It's why we hold them.

What experience level do I choose on flag, rifle, saber, and dance?

We will be able to assist you in making the correct decision once you get in the door. We offer a variety of classes and you are never held to a specific class. We typically have several people that move from one group to the next during any given class.

Do we need to bring our own equipment?

We do have equipment, but are limited with numbers. If you have equipment, please bring it. We will fill in the rest.

Will this be indoor or outdoor?

The summer clinics are inside. The November spin clinic is inside for the majority of the day. There will be a performance outside for the home football game.


Will we have to perform?

We end the day with a "show and tell" of what you've learned throughout the day. There is a performance for the home football game for the November spin clinic. No one is held to perform if they choose not to.

How many breaks will we have?

We have periodic breaks throughout the day.


For more information contact David Boggs at or 618-537-6554 if you have any questions.