Majors, Minors & Programs

Music (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in music is a program designed for qualified students who wish to complete a concentrated study of music within a liberal arts curriculum. In addition, students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in music will receive an appropriate background for graduate study not only in music but in related fields in the arts and humanities.

Music Performance

The performance degree includes two tracks that offer opportunities for specialization in classical or jazz performance. Students receive special instruction in pedagogy and give both a junior and senior recital.

Music Performance Program of Study

Jazz Performance Program of Study

Church Music

This degree prepares students to work in churches and requires courses in arranging, conducting, and hymnology.

Church Music Program of Study

Music Education (B.A.)

The bachelor’s degree in Music Education reaches beyond the core skills and understandings of the music major to address the full scope of competencies required by the Illinois Content Area Standards in Music. Students who successfully complete the music education curriculum will be eligible to receive the Initial Special K-12 Certificate in Music, qualifying them to teach both instrumental and vocal music in elementary and secondary schools. Please refer to the School of Education section of this catalog for the Teacher Education Conceptual Framework and the specific requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program. The Bachelor of Music Education degree course of study is a five-year program.

Music Education Program of Study

Music Marketing (B.A.)

This Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Marketing is designed to prepare students for a variety of career opportunities in the music industry. Students must complete the core requirements of the music major, a core of business courses recommended by the business faculty and courses which blend the two fields, including an internship.

Music Marketing Program of Study

Music Minor

There are two music minor tracks. One is designed for the traditional music minor and the other is designed specifically for Elementary Education majors. (Elementary Education majors may choose either music minor track.)

Music Minor Program of Study

Dance Minor

Dance courses are available to all students and are particularly useful to students majoring in theatre or music. Students may choose to complete a minor in Dance.

Dance Minor Program of Study