Avidity Independent Winter Guard


The Avidity Independent Winter Guard program is our newest and fastest growing addition to the McKendree University band program. Now in its second season at McKendree, the guard has expanded to two groups:


Avidity Independent World Guard: An extremely competitive guard that rehearses on average 10-12 hours per week.


Avidity “A” Guard: Geared toward students who want winter guard to be a fun and relaxing activity. The group practices 4-7 hours per week.

Our Avidity Independent A and Independent Open (now World Class as of the 2014 WGI Championships) Winter Guards perform in the MCCGA, MWCGA and WGI circuits. The A guard finished in second place at MCCGA finals in 2013 and 2014, and our newly promoted World Guard has finished first place in MCCGA finals for the past three years and finished 2nd at the 2014 WGI World Championships! Both guards have a lot of fun while dedicating themselves to performance excellence!


 Summer Clinic Flyer

Spin Clinics

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Saturday, June 20th in the Melvin Price Convocation Center at McKendree University

Saturday, August 29th in the Melvin Price Convocation Center at McKendree University

Saturday, November 7th in the Melvin Price Convocation Center + performance during the Bearcat Football Half-Time Show at McKendree University


In addition to completing the online registration form, please print, sign and bring a copy of the following form to the registration table at the Spin Clinic. This document is REQUIRED by the University in order for you to participate in the University sponsored event.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Under 18 Hold Harmless Agreement- Non Members Only


NOTE: You may register for multiple clinic dates on the same registration form.


Spin Clinic Frequently Asked Questions


What are the start and end times of the clinic?


Typically doors open at 8:30 and classes begin at 9.  The day ends at 5. The November 7th clinic will be a longer day due to the half-time performance.


I am going to be teaching and would like to learn more to teach my students.


We will gladly help answer any questions you may have with instruction.  Whether it's ideas, or our philosophies.  Feel free to take anything that you learn from our clinics and utilize them in your program.  It's why we hold them.


What experience level do I choose on flag, rifle, saber, and dance?


We will be able to assist you in making the correct decision once you get in the door.  We offer a variety of classes and you are never held to a specific class.  We typically have several people that move from one group to the next during any given class.


Do we need to bring our own equipment?


We do have equipment, but are limited with numbers.  If you have equipment, please bring it.  We will fill in the rest.


Will this be indoor or outdoor?


The summer clinics are inside.  The November spin clinic is inside for the majority of the day.  There will be a performance outside for the home football game.


Will we have to perform?


We end the day with a "show and tell" of what you've learned throughout the day.   There is a performance for the home football game for the November spin clinic. No one is held to perform if they choose not to.


How many breaks will we have?


We have periodic breaks throughout the day.


McKendree University Guard Scholarships   

Up to $4,000 available for McKendree students who participate in the fall Marching Bearcat Band Color Guard and the Avidity Independent of McKendree Winter Guard. The audition process for the award is INCREDIBLY simple.

    1. Register to audition for the Marching Bearcat Band Scholarship.
    2. Share a video link from your team's recent winter guard performance
      (Note: your performance must be easily identifiable within the group).
    3. Done! You've officially auditioned as a guard member for the McKendree Athletic Bands. Apply and gain acceptance to the University to claim your scholarship.



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Membership Forms

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