Learning at McKendree: Brenda Doll, Ph.D.

Dr. Brenda Doll builds strong relationships with McKendree’s teacher candidates much like she nurtured her elementary school students for 18 years.

Quotation Graphic

“Building trusting relationships enables us to set the bar high and produce high-quality teachers.”

The award-winning educator mentors her students not only academically, but also emotionally, for the challenges they will face as professional educators. “My teacher candidates certainly need to be knowledgeable in their content areas, but they also need to be excellent communicators, deep thinkers and professional role models in order to meet the needs of young learners in their future classrooms.”

Doll models the effective instructional methods that she teaches. “I ‘change up’ my instruction. I never want to be predictable. The students are aware of the content to be covered, but they can never be sure what my instruction will entail.”

She emphasizes the importance of a safe learning environment so students can study, practice and learn to take risks by trying out new and innovative instructional strategies. Comments on student evaluations attest to her high level of commitment, energy, and passion. She spends countless hours meeting with them one on one and resolving issues that arise during their field experiences and student teaching.

Quotation Graphic“I have office hours, but I am always anxious to answer questions or concerns. Students receive my cell phone number. I try to vary the type of assessments I use to accommodate different learning styles and provide detailed rubrics to explain my assignment expectations. I think that I’m a good cheerleader in motivating teacher candidates to develop their personal style in the classroom.”



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